University Vision
Leadership and excellence in the field of technical education and scientific research.
and concern to its quality to build a knowledge society

University Mission
To provide an educational and research environment conducive to education and creativity that will contribute to the preparation of highly qualified graduates, to achieve effective national and international scientific twinning , and to strengthen partnership with the sectors of society and international institutions in the relevant fields

Fundamental Values
1 - Creativity: Encouraging creative ideas in education and scientific research and put it at the forefront of its concerns.
2 - Quality and Excellence: Excellence in performance by constantly developing skills to deliver high quality outputs.
3 - Integrity: Commitment to conduct and professional ethics based on honesty, sincerity and mutual trust.
4 - Equity: dealing with justice and humanity with all people and respect for rights and freedoms.
5- Diversity: promoting scientific and technical diversity and focusing on quality rather than quantity.
6 - Teamwork: Spreading the spirit of collective action in educational and administrative activities.
7 - Discipline: focus on disciplined behavior and interaction with high professionalism.
8-Transparency: To deal in a transparent manner and to make employees and students aware of approved university activities and instructions.
9 - Legal values: Professor is a supreme value in the community and national wealth.
10 - Attention to the student: the student is the axis of the educational process and formulate plans and programs of study to contribute to the qualified preparation.
11 - Commitment: Commitment to the customs and traditions of the university.
12 - Respect: mutual respect between students and teachers.
13 - Competition: spreading the spirit of competition among students