University Goals
1.Prepare competent and productive staff that possess the skills of thinking, creativity and learning that meet the needs of the society and the requirements of the labor market , and contribute to the development and the growth of various fields.
2.Interest in scientific research and create a supportive environment for high quality applied researches at the local, regional and international levels, which contribute to addressing the problems experienced by the labor market sectors.
3. Developing curricula and study plans to cope with rapid developments in the fields of technology and science to meet the requirements of the current and future labor market.
4.Achieving quality standards in educational, research and organizational activities and developing the university's teaching, technical and administrative staff to ensure excellence in performance.
5.Consolidate the culture of continuing education for the different sectors of the society to meet its requirements, as well as providing services and consulting expertise to solve its problems and develop its programs.
6.Communicate with scientific institutions inside and outside Iraq and exchange experiences and information according to common goals.
7.Expansion of undergraduate and graduate programs, and the introduction of new disciplines and face the edges of science in the world.